What Damages Can You Claim in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Living with a painful medical condition can be taxing on your physical and emotional health. You can find the relief you need when you seek proper attention. You expect your health care provider to properly diagnose your ailments and treat them effectively. If something goes wrong with your medication regimen or with the surgery, it may be good for you to consider pursuing legal action. Your lawyer will help you determine which damages you should seek in a lawsuit.

Loss of the Ability to Earn Money

Your attorney may be able to show that the doctor’s poor judgment or willful actions caused harm to you. If your injuries were so severe that you can no longer work, you face an uncertain future and a lot of fear as you figure out how you’ll support your family. In a medical malpractice case, you may seek damages to cover earnings you have lost and will lose in the future because you are unable to return to your job. If you win your case, the judge will determine how much you’re entitled to.

Loss of Enjoyment

You went to the doctor with the goal of living a healthier, pain-free life, not the opposite. A mistake in surgery or drug administration may prevent you from resuming your favorite activities. This could cause deep anxiety and depression, not to mention anger and resentment. If you can mo longer enjoy your life because of this incident, you should also sue for loss of enjoyment damages. Examples could be an inability to travel, play a sport or take part in any number of other activities. The court will decide what this dollar figure looks like.

Pain and Suffering

A doctor’s mistake can take a heavy toll. You could feel the painful effects of the error, both physically and emotionally. The trauma from this incident could have far-reaching consequences. You may be able to recover pain and suffering damages. Your lawyer will request a specific amount, which the court can either accept or reject and modify if you win your case

Punitive Damages

In this type of damages, you want to punish the offender and hold him or her accountable. Your lawyer may recommend this if it is clear that your doctor deliberately did a surgery incorrectly.

Don’t let the legalities of a medical malpractice suit overwhelm you. An attorney, like a medical malpractice attorney, is here to help you understand your rights and what type of damages you may seek. make an appointment today if you are ready to take the next step.