3 Consequences of Drug Abuse You May Not Know

Drug addiction is a disease. When you have a problem with substance abuse, it can be difficult to get yourself out of that situation. Given how drugs affect your brain, it isn’t any surprise that people become completely hooked and dependent on substances. The consequences of drug abuse, however, are varied. While most people know about addiction and overdose, there are more consequences to drug abuse that you may not know.

Loneliness and Depression

Drugs have been known to increase the levels of depression in a person. You may feel restless, anxious, or filled with guilt due to substance abuse. When on drugs, your mental health can become seriously compromised. Those who have a drug addiction tend to push others away. Your lifestyle may cause you to lose your support system. This can be devastating, especially if it happens when you need help the most.

Injuries and Illness

Injuries can occur due to the administration of a drug. For instance, if you inject substances, then the needle may cause skin or muscle damage. If you choose to smoke a substance, then you can wind up with respiratory illnesses or lung damage.

While under the influence of drugs, you may also injure yourself. After all, drugs can cause you to lose your balance. It’s easy to fall or harm yourself when under the influence. Car accidents are also more likely to occur under the influence of any substance. Often, these car accidents lead to serious injuries and death.

Hygiene and Routine Disturbances

Addiction can uproot your entire life. Drugs can rewire your reward system. Instead of prioritizing your health and hygiene, you’ll begin to prioritize addiction over your health. You will pick drugs over food, over hygiene, and even over resolving issues within your life. Routine is important for most people. You may sleep less, lose your job because you can’t keep to a schedule, and more.

For a lot of people who have trouble with substance abuse, it can be difficult to choose to get better or to say no to the drugs that you’re used to. When you become addicted, there are a lot of adverse side effects that you may not have known. If you’ve had a drug abuse problem in the past or have found yourself in trouble due to drugs, then you should set up a consultation with a lawyer, like a drug lawyer from the Law Office of Daniel J. Wright, as soon as possible.