Business law is the area of law that encompasses all of the laws that have to do with forming, running, and owning a business. There are many different laws that govern how to start, buy, manage, and close or sell different kinds of businesses. Owners, managers and high level executives need to be well versed in the laws they need to follow in the running of their businesses and business operations. As well, they need to know when it is time to enlist the help of a licensed business attorney to help them follow and be in compliance with these laws. Businesses law includes state and federally mandated laws, as well as local and administrative regulations.

Business Attorneys

Business attorneys provide legal services for the operations and regulations of businesses. A business attorney will likely assist with issues such as the formation of a business, business dispute resolutions, corporate laws, and sales or transfers of businesses. Some businesses need a business attorney to handle matters such as corporate compliance, securities, and other matters. Even though they may sound like similar titles, business attorneys and employment attorneys play different roles. Employment attorneys deal with work-related matters such as hiring or firing disputes and discrimination, whereas business attorneys deal with matters specifically related to businesses. 

Business Disputes 

Business disputes that commonly arise between businesses, such as disagreement over the terms or interpretation of a contract that binds all the parties Involved, often create a need for the parties to get legal help from a business attorney. Business disputes can be costly and time consuming, especially when a business tries to negotiate without legal counsel. There are federal, state, and local laws that businesses need to follow. This is something a business attorney can help a business to stay on top of. There is a wide range of business disputes that can come from various types of transactions or conduct. The following are some common types of business disputes: 


Businesses that have business partners, or employ contractors, purchasers and/or suppliers, often have disputes over the terms of contracts. It is common for parties in this situation to think they have been paid too little or billed for too much. 


It is common for one or more party involved in a business transaction to have problems in regard to the delivery of a product or service. Complaints such as, not getting a product or service delivered, or it being delivered late or damaged, often need the help of a business lawyer to settle who is owed what.


Businesses can have disputes with customers. These disputes often involve whether or not a customer received a good or service, and whether it was delivered at the expected standard. Business attorneys handle a variety of cases and situations that businesses need help with. The following are some of the more common cases and situations that business attorneys handle. Be informed about law related information and news with Top Lawyer Services.