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Can You Adopt Someone Over 18 Years Old?

When people think of adopting or adoption overall they normally think of a small child under the age of 18. But how many of you have thought about the legalities and the process of adopting an individual 18 years or older. Although the one major difference between a child adoption and an adult adoption is the age, the journey is just as joyous and remarkable. Through this journey of adoption you will still get to experience the joys of laughter, creating new memories together, and to build your family. 

The idea of adopting someone over the age of 18 years old might seem as an odd occurrence but in many families this is exactly what they need to complete their family. Now we know many of you might be wondering the technicalities surrounding an adoption such as this in Texas, so let’s dive right in!

To begin with, in order for you to adopt someone who is 18 years or older according to Texas law, the individual who is requesting the adoption must reside in Texas and if the adoptee consents to the adoption. The latter is necessary due to the fact according to the law once an individual has turned 18 they are considered an adult. Essentially the adult who is getting adopted must understand and agree to it in a written form that is later submitted to the courts. 

The following step would be to begin the process of filing the paperwork with the appropriate court. We understand when you think of the costs of filing paperwork for an adult adoption you might assume it to be in the thousands, however, we are pleased to let you know in many adoption cases for individuals 18 years or older can be less than $100 dollars! When going through the legal channels of adult adoption, you would either have to file the paperwork with a court in the county in which you live. You may choose to file your adoption paperwork at a family court that is either a County Court or a District Court. While at the court proceedings, a couple of things the courts may decide or focus on, include:

  • Making the adopted child officially the daughter or son of their adoptive parents
  • Creates the adopted adult’s rights for inheritance from their adoptive parents
  • If wanted, the court can also oversee the change in name of the adopted adults

Under the stipulations of an adult adoption it is mandatory for all the parties involved in the adoption to go to court for the hearing. There are very few circumstances in which the court may decide not to approve your adoption. When approving the adoption a judge examines the validity of the adoption and if he or she believes that the reasoning behind bringing forth an adoption is to avoid any legal obligations such as any type of debts. Another reason as to why an adult adoption may not be approved by the courts can be if any party involved in the adoption is not involved voluntarily, for instance, any disability that will prevent them from consenting to any legal issues involved in the adoption. Overall, the process of adopting an adult deals with many matters of consent and acknowledgment from all parties. A qualified family lawyer, like from our friends at Brandy Austin Law Firm, can help.