3 Ways a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You Navigate This Process

workers' compensation lawyerWhen you are injured at work, you may feel at a loss about what to do. You may fear the loss of wages from having to miss work due to the injury. You may worry about what your employer will say or do. If you find yourself in this situation, you need a workers’ compensation lawyer. He or she can help you navigate this difficult process, and you can get the financial help that you need. Consider three ways this type of a lawyer can help you.

1. Dealing With an Uncooperative Employer

After a workplace accident occurs, the injured employee must report it. However, there are situations in which the employee reports it, and the incident is ignored. If the employer does not provide proper documentation for a workers’ compensation claim, the employee will be denied. This can cause a major setback, and financial help will take even longer to come. A workers’ comp lawyer can help you with an uncooperative employer; they can help you file the claim yourself. 

2. Refiling a Denied Claim

Workers’ compensation claims get denied for many reasons. Perhaps you did not provide proper documentation of the injury sustained. Maybe you did not file on time. Whatever the case, a workers’ compensation lawyer with expertise in this area can help you refile your claim. That way, you still have a chance to receive the compensation that you need. The filing process is long and complex, so it is helpful to have a professional on your side to help you navigate the process.

3. Managing Negotiations

If your claim is approved, you will then receive an offer for compensation. If it is a fair one, you are done with the process. Sometimes, though, the amount of compensation is contested by the injured party. Your lawyer can help you fight for the compensation that is rightfully yours. Being injured on the job is costly; you have medical bills and loss of work hours to deal with. Your workers’ compensation lawyer can help you decipher the legal jargon to find out if your compensation is fair.

If you are dealing with a workers’ compensation case, you may feel overwhelmed. There is so much red tape to go through, and it is wise to have an experienced partner on your side.