Signs that Your Doctor May Commit Medical Malpractice

Signs that Your Doctor May Commit Medical Malpractice

Throughout our lifetime there is likely to be one or a few close doctors that we will go back to for check-ups and treatment of injuries or illness. We are told from a young age that we visit the doctor when we don’t feel good. And yet despite most doctors getting into the field to alleviate suffering, doctors can still make mistakes that could cost the patient their wellbeing or life. When this happens, victims and their families can file a lawsuit for medical malpractice, where they pursue compensation for loss and damages.

But you may be wondering, how can you help protect against something like this happening to you or someone you love? Here are a few tell-tale signs that your sign may commit medical malpractice, and it may be time to inform the proper authorities or change physicians:
They don’t listen to your symptoms or needs.

When in the visiting room with your doctor, it is important that you are forthcoming with all the symptoms you are experiencing. In this way, it gives your doctor the best chance at figuring out a diagnosis. It is a red flag if your doctor shrugs off or ignores some of your symptoms. You should feel as though your doctor is hearing you and understands the scope of what you are feeling. A doctor should never minimize the pain or symptoms you have.
They do not communicate clearly.
A doctor should answer your questions and help you understand your condition, injury, or illness. It is not a good sign if you find yourself confused and unsure what to do next after visiting the doctor. Your doctor should never confuse you with another patient. A doctor that doesn’t communicate effectively may fail to inform the patient of crucial details which then results in some degree of harm. 

They forgot what medications you are currently on.
Be wary that when your doctor prescribes a new medication that it doesn’t interact negatively with anything you are currently taking. Patients who take two or more drugs that interact adversely in the body can experience uncomfortable symptoms that require emergency treatment. 

Medical malpractice is a serious issue that needs to be brought to light. Anyone that believes medical malpractice may have happened to them is strongly advised to speak with a lawyer, such as a medical malpractice lawyer Philadelphia PA from Wieand Law Firm, LLC.