Are You Protected at Work if You Have a Disability?

Disability Discrimination Lawyer

In short, you should be protected at work if you have a disability but are still able to perform the job with the proper accommodations. If you or someone you care about is discriminated against because of your health, contact a disability discrimination lawyer, like a lawyer from  Eric Siegel Law, right away. A lawyer will investigate your case to see if something unfair may have happened to you. 

You Have a Right to Reasonable Accommodations 

If you have a disability, you have the right to reasonable accommodations at the workplace to make your job easier on you. For example, if you are in a wheelchair, you may need a different size desk to work from. Or, if you need a service dog to protect you, you should not be discriminated against for taking your companion to work with you. There are many different things that can make work for someone who is disabled easier. This is only fair, as someone who has health issues should be able to have an easier time at work. Having a disability brings about challenges, so it is your workplace’s responsibility to make everything as comfortable as possible for every employee. 

What Is the Americans with Disabilities Act?

The Americans with Disabilities Act was created to help give people with disabilities an even playing field in the workforce. It ensures that people cannot be discriminated against because of anything to do with their mental or physical health and attempts to get justice for anyone who has been treated unfairly. The ADA is in place to protect those with disabilities. A good disability discrimination lawyer will be able to speak with you about whatever is going on and whether you may have been discriminated against. 

Common Violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Unfortunately, people do not always adhere to the rules that they are supposed to follow. If you or someone you love was discriminated against because of a disability, you need to reach out to a lawyer right away. There are many different things that may prove that you were discriminated against. First, violating someone’s medical privacy by sharing it with the office would be something that could cause problems at work. This is a violation of protecting those with disabilities and could be something to cite in court. Second, not hiring someone because they are disabled is not allowed. People need to be considered for a job that they are able to do as long as they have the correct qualifications. Workplaces are meant to give accommodations to someone who has a disability because it is something that cannot be helped. Finally, it is a problem if a workplace decides during layoffs to target those with disabilities. Any of these offenses warrant hiring a lawyer to assist in your case. Make sure to reach out as soon as you feel you are being discriminated against. You do not want to let things get swept under a rug and deserve to get justice.