How are speeding ticket costs determined?

How are speeding ticket costs determinedSpeeding tickets can be expensive, and some are more costly than others. If the motorist has to show up in traffic court, there may be additional costs. And of course, it will end up on their driving record, potentially costing them valuable points which may put their driving privileges at risk. As an Ashbury Park, speeding ticket lawyer from a firm like Rispoli & Borneo can explain, hiring an attorney may be a smart investment because successfully fighting that speeding ticket may be cheaper than entering a guilty plea whether you’re guilty or not. Speeding ticket lawyers are very familiar with the local court system, the judges, and the typical outcomes of various charges deliberated in traffic court. Our attorney can provide you with the representation you need for the best possible outcome of your case. Call a traffic ticket attorney today to request a free consultation and learn more about how we may be able to assist you in defending your driving record.

How are lawyer fees determined?

When a defense lawyer from any law firm takes a new client’s case, they consider a number of factors when determining a fair fee to charge for their legal services. Also, the fee structure among law firms will vary. Some will charge a flat fee for defending against a speeding ticket, while another may charge by the hour if the case is particularly complex. For example, if while speeding, the client is alleged to have hit a pedestrian and hurt or killed them, they will be facing far more than a charge for speeding.

Another consideration is court time. If you must show up in court to represent yourself, you will have to take time off from your job, and possibly explain why you cannot go to work that day. This could cause additional discomfort and embarrassment. If your job involves driving, your job may be at risk should you be unable to get the ticket dismissed. On the other hand, if you have an attorney representing you, you do not have to appear in court.

Fees for legal representation of a client charged with a speeding ticket may also depend on the nature and complexity of the following:

  •         Administrative labor costs
  •         Filing court papers and other documentation
  •         Phone calls, time, and other considerations as related to the case

What does a speeding ticket cost?

Generally speaking, the cost of a speeding ticket varies based on the circumstances of the alleged crime. For example, travelling at less than five miles over the posted speed limit on a four-lane highway will probably cost less than travelling at 20 miles over the posted speed limit in a school zone. Your attorney can provide you with an accurate assessment based on your unique set of circumstances.

Will I have to attend driving school?

As part of a plea agreement, your lawyer may suggest that you offer to attend driving school. If the Court rules that you must attend, then you will have no choice but to do so. If you attend driving school, you will be required to pay the associated costs that they charge. The charge can vary based on which course or courses you must attend.

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