How Can I Pay for a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Paying For a Bankruptcy Lawyer

When you need money just to live, and you struggle every day to make ends meet, it doesn’t make much sense that you have to pay a lawyer to help you out with bankruptcy. However, if an attorney accepts your case, with office costs, document drafting, and filing fees, they have costs associated with helping you dismiss your debts that sometimes run into thousands of dollars. Here are some ideas to help you find a way to pay a lawyer when you don’t have any extra money each month.

Work Out a Short-Term Payment Plan

Some lawyers will work with you on a short-term payment plan, but most will not file until they have all your payments in hand. The benefit of hiring an attorney and paying them off is they are still working for you and can make calls to your creditors. Once you stop making debtor payments, you should have enough money to pay the lawyer’s fees.

Include the Fees in Your Bankruptcy

If you qualify for Chapter 13, you can add the attorney’s fees into the debt repayment program along with the money you owe to your other debtors. This will allow you to pay your attorney over a 3-year payment plan. However, if you only qualify for Chapter 7, expect to pay the attorney’s fees upfront.

Ask Family For Help With the Money

Basic bankruptcies can cost less than $500, including the counseling and trustee fees, when applicable. If you have a relative you can turn to, make arrangements to borrow the money. If money is tight, you can borrow the money over three months or have your family member make payments directly to the attorney’s office.

Do Extra Jobs To Raise Money

Raising extra money isn’t always easy, but there are ways you can do it if you set your mind to it. If you know someone that needs help, you can make a little extra money. From mowing lawns to walking dogs, there are always people in need of a helping hand. You can also look for a temporary weekend job at a local market or service center. Also, if you are desperate to get the bankruptcy moving and you have valuable items, you can choose to pawn your possessions.

If debt liquidation is the best option for you, contact a Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches like the Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, to help you reach your goals. During your initial interview, make sure you discuss payment options offered by the office and the length of time to pay the money off. Once your debt is gone, the cloud you have been under will be lifted!