Important Things To Know For Divorce Process


Divorces are circumstances that can take a great deal of stress and time to get through. Some divorces can turn into long and arduous courtroom battles fighting over things like child custody and property division. Other divorces can end amicably with few hiccups but many divorces don’t go over all that smoothly. There are many important things to consider when two people are getting divorced. Let’s take a look at some of the different things to consider and what they can mean for the spouses splitting up and their families. 

Property Division

Property division isn’t only real estate items but can also mean bank accounts, insurance policies, and other assets. In a lot of divorces, these items are split quite evenly among both spouses. In other divorces, these things may be split in a different way. For example, if one of the spouses owned property prior to the marriage that was only in one of the spouses’ names then this would probably be exempt from an item needing dividing. Property division can be a rather contentious thing in a divorce so it’s best to prepare accordingly beforehand. Assistance from a legal professional is advised in these scenarios as things can get quite heated and complicated when it comes to splitting up finances. 

Child Custody

If someone is getting divorced and they have children then this will be a major change for the children. In many divorce cases, both parents wish to have custody of their children. This desire to have full custody of their children can cause issues and rifts between both parents. A court will look at a variety of different factors in determining which parents should hold custody of the children. They will look at things like the financial position of each parent, how loving the relationship is between both parent and child, whether or not the parent can fulfill all of the child’s needs, and other items. This is another thing that can be quite difficult as child custody can lead to long court battles. 

Child Support

Child support is something decided along with child custody. A certain amount of money will need to be paid by a parent to cover the needs of the child. This will be determined based on how much money each parent earns and who has custody of the child. Not paying child support can come with its own negative consequences so it’s best to comply with the court or contact a lawyer who can negotiate the terms. 

Legal Help From Professionals

For assistance with the divorce process and the other issues that come with it consider reaching out to a law firm like Robinson & Hadeed. A firm like this has the necessary experience, knowledge, and skill to help their clients close their divorce on generous or acceptable terms. Contact a divorce lawyer Tacoma, WA turns to in their time of need for help with a divorce or to learn more about the process.