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Mesothelioma Facts

Civil Litigation

If you or a loved one are in need of legal representation for a mesothelioma case, contact a mesothelioma lawyer clients trust with specific cases of this nature.

What is mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a cancer typically affecting the lungs. This tumor targets the tissues that line the stomach, heart, lungs, and sometimes other organs as well. Since this type of cancer is usually found in the lungs, symptoms of mesothelioma may include chest pain, difficulty breathing, and a bad cough. Although treatment of mesothelioma may include chemotherapy, ration, and surgery, this cancer is often deadly.

How can those diagnosed with mesothelioma pursue legal action?

When diagnosed with mesothelioma, patients should know their treatment options, as well as their legal rights. Individuals diagnosed with mesothelioma are often exposed to asbestos. If a person, business or entity does not caution the victim about the risk of exposure to asbestos, they should be held responsible. A consumer or employee who fails to receive proper notice regarding potential exposure to asbestos should pursue legal action against those who are liable. If a victim is unsure of who is to blame for their exposure, they should contact some skilled lawyers according to our friends at Brown Kiely LLP. Attorneys are willing and able to provide clarity to their clients, investigate their case, and pursue accountability.

Victims of asbestos should pursue justice not only for themselves, but for others that may be exposed as well. If the guilty party, or entity is not held accountable for their actions, they may willingly or unwillingly expose others to asbestos, and thus increase their chances of mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma can be difficult to treat, and can result in death of those inflicted with it. Those pursuing legal action for a mesothelioma case should be encouraged to see it through to the end. If the victim pursuing justice dies before their case is settled, or resolved, their loved ones should continue it on their behalf. A personal injury case would then be continued as a wrongful death case by the deceased’s estate.

The statute of limitations should be considered before pursuing a lawsuit for a mesothelioma diagnosis. Every state may differ on the time frame of when victims have an eligible case. In Maryland the statute of limitations for pursuing legal action for exposure to asbestos that may have led to mesothelioma is two years.

Hiring a lawyer whom you can trust is crucial to the success of your case. Attorneys work hard to help their clients pursue justice, so that they can focus on their health and treatment. Battling an illness is stressful enough, clients should not have to fight the legal system by themselves as well. Experienced lawyers are there to offer support and guidance to their clients throughout the entire process. Some clients may have multiple options in obtaining compensation for their exposure, and illness. An attorney can help their clients weigh their options, and fight for what they rightfully deserve. Contact a lawyer today near you for help on your case.